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Pewter Tankards, Hip Flasks and Goblets

Pewter TankardsOur comprehensive range of pewterware is made in Sheffield, the home of British pewter tankards; i.e. British beer mugs as they are often called. Other pewter products include whisky hip flasks, and wine goblets as well as trophies and gifts.


pewter jewelleryOur pewter tankards, hip flasks and goblets are our main pewter product lines but we also offer Scottish Jewellery, which is made of pewter and coated in palladium so that it maintains its finish. The Pewter Jewellery is ideal for Scottish events such as Burns Suppers, where the men can put to use their pewter tankards and the ladies their  wine goblets and also, both can take out their pewter hip flasks. Hip Flasks





Pewter Tankards, Hip Flasks and Goblets - Further info:

Pewter Tankards

Our pewter beer tankards, which are made in the UK, come in five ranges: Standard weight pewter tankards, medium weight pewter tankards, Heavy weight pewter tankards, Top of the range Ultra heavy weight pewter tankards and finally nine off, specialised pewter tankards. Any of our tankards can be personalised with a tankard side engraving and both engraved pewter tankards and non personalised pewter tankards are for sale in five sizes; half pint pewter tankards, one pint pewter tankards, two pint pewter tankards and four pint pewter tankards. One pint tankards are the most common but a two, three or four pint pewter tankard makes an ideal tankard trophy. Another more unusual tankard is our glass bottom pewter tankard and of course, we offer presentation boxes for all our pewter tankards.

Hip Flasks

Pewter tankards are for beer but we also have pewter hip flasks for spirits and pewter goblets for wine. Our UK pewter hip flasks can come in the form of pewter kidney hip flasks, pewter pocket hip flasks and pewter round hip flasks and of course there are purse flasks for ladies, sporran flasks if wearing the kilt and a cartridge flask for shooters. Like the pewter tankards, the pewter hip flasks can be personalised and you can buy any pewter hip flask engraved. The largest hip flask is the 8 oz. pewter kidney hip flask but other sizes include 2 oz., 4 oz. and 6 oz. pewter hip flasks. 6 oz. is the most common  hip flask size that you can buy, with design variations including: celtic pewter kidney hip flasks, medieval pewter kidney hip flasks, hammered finish pewter kidney hip flasks, 18th and 21st birthday pewter kidney hip flasks, etc.


As mentioned above we also have pewter goblets for sale, which includes various pewter wine goblet designs. Our pewter goblets are most commonly used as red wine goblets but have also been known to be bought as champagne drinking goblets. There are pewter bell goblets and Georgian shaped pewter goblets in two sizes. Also a pewter celtic goblet, a large tulip pewter goblet, a brandy pewter goblet and two medieval pewter goblets. For champagne drinking goblets, however, we have more appropriately; champagne flutes in pairs in a presentation box for a happy wedding couple or otherwise, which are more specifically champagne goblets.


In Summary, therefore,  we are UK leading providers of: Pewter Tankards, Hip Flasks & Goblets


Engraving Service available for the pewter tankards, hip flasks, goblets , trophies etc.

Most items, other than the jewellery, can be personalised with an engraving. You can choose the inscription font and wording, and also a club crest or logo.

Clan Crests and Zodiac Signs are available in addition, as standard engravings.


*** New Products ***
Presentation Trophy
Presentation Trophies and Gifts
for your school or company, or for golf, fishing, hunting, rugby & football sporting events.

Go to  Trophies or Sporting Gifts.



Most popular Pewter Products

A Selection of the Most Popular Products

Celtic goblets

Goblets for wine and champagne flutes.

Ultra heavy weight Pewter tankards

X Range Pewter Tankards, an ideal gift Beer Mug gift.

hip flasks

Hip Flasks for sporting events.

Scottish Jewellery

Brooches in the jewellery section.


More in general, on our Pewter Tankards, Hip Fasks, Goblets, Gifts, Trophies and Jewellery

GobletsOur British pewterware is made using the pewter alloy; a malleable metal of tin, copper and antimony with tin being the main constituent - 90% plus. We offer, therefore best quality  pewter tankards, trophies, goblets, hip flasks, other pocket flasks, picture frames, vases, bowls and trinket boxes together with pewter jewellery made in Scotland. There are many items suitable as a gift perhaps for a wedding, birthday, Christmas  or other special occasion. We also have children’s gifts.

The pewter jewellery has a Scottish and Celtic influence, and covers an extensive selection of brooches, earrings, necklets as well as ‘jewellery for men’: cufflinks, lapel pins, tie tacks and tie bars. Go to Pewter Jewellery.


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