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Brooches, Scottish Earrings and Pewter Pendants.

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Further information on the above: our Scottish Brooches,  Earrings and Pewter Pendants, which are all made in Scotland UK

We are pleased to offer you on these pages our Brooches, Scottish Earrings and Pewter Pendants. The Brooches include Scottish and Celtic brooches, some of which have matching Scottish Earrings and Pewter Pendants. All items are made in Scotland and there is nothing to beat wearing our Scottish Brooches or other jewellery at a Scottish event: Pewter pendants, in a Scottish Thistle design at a Burns night or, Celtic eternal interlace Scottish Earrings at a wedding in Scotland.

The company that makes these is a, Central belt of Scotland Scottish Jewellery manufacturer, established for many years. All the brooches, Scottish earrings and pewter pendants are cast and coated with palladium to offer a robust non tarnish finish at a cheap  price by jewellery standards and at a high quality level. The equivalent brooches, Scottish earrings or pendant in silver for example is 2, 3 or 4 times more costly and smaller in size. When at a Scottish gathering you want your brooch, earrings or pewter pendant to be noticed and small silver items can often get ignored.

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